Our Vision: Design, Fly, Measure, Solve, Communicate…Together

Aviators access modern technology and learning through tools they create. Paper airplanes serve as a runway to a long term and deep thinking project that encourages refinement of strategy and practice...with paper airplanes and mathematics.

Flight School

Aviators begin by going through Flight School, which ensures that they are familiar with the concepts of airplane design and flight, as well as able to measure time and distance of paper plane flights with the proper amount of accuracy and precision.

Top Gun

Aviators then proceed through Top Gun, which advances those basic concepts presented in Flight School and begins to explore questions related to plane flight. These concepts are designed to be compliant with the recently-enacted Common Core Standards.

Air Show

The last phase of the Wings at Work™ program provides limitless opportunities for entering their own data, exploring their personal data, comparing that to data generated by other Aviators from their school and around the globe.