Wings at Work

The simplicity of paper
The elegance of flight
The power of learning concepts in a context

Design, Measure, Solve, Communicate…Together

Wings at Work explores time, space and learning with paper airplanes. Wings as Work blends technology and paper airplanes to teach 21st century learners. Aviators design and fly paper airplanes. They record, measure and use data from their own and others’ paper airplane flights to populate graphs, tables and personalized questions.

Wings at Work Provides Access to

•  High quality and adaptable instruction in a variety of accessible formats
•  Projects that require technical applications of design, math, measurement, and communication
•  A worldwide and appealing source of data that can be sorted, sifted, and evaluated

A Common Language

Wings at Work is a collaboration point for students, schools and communities. The languages of design and mathematics provide access to a worldwide audience.

Everybody can speak math.
Anyone can make a paper airplane.
Everyone can learn by doing.